Friday, December 13, 2013

Ancient history

The photograph above was sent to me by my old friend Sam Williamson, whom I met at age 8 and have maintained a friendship with ever since. He found it in an old album kept by his parents (both of whom were surrogate parents to me). I think one of them must have taken the photo in 1967, shortly before or after Debby and I were married.

Forty-six years later Debby is still a knockout, but I am no longer so hirsute.

It is only mildly embarrassing to recall that only months before I was in my Camus phase, affecting a black beret and turtleneck under a brown corduroy jacket (that last is in the photo) and smoking Gauloises.

I had dreams of becoming an Author. But I soon discovered that the work was harder than I was willing to do . . . at that time.