Friday, February 10, 2017

'Hang Fire' now out in paperback

The fourth Steve Martinez novel, Hang Fire, is now available as a $12.95 CreateSpace print-on-demand paperback on and will be on soon.

I finally found a usable public-domain photograph of the Brown Bess musket of Revolutionary War fame to replace the Kentucky rifle on the earlier attempt at a cover. A Brown Bess plays an important role in the novel about modern historical re-enactors of the age of Lewis and Clark (roughly 1800-1840).

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Experimenting with covers

The accompanying illustration is of a proposed cover for the CreateSpace paperback of Hang Fire, the fourth volume in the six-book Steve Martinez series.

I've pretty much settled on the text and illustration (of a Kentucky flintlock rifle), but I'm not so sure about the background. It does the job of setting off text and illustration, but will people recognize it as the bark of a pine tree?

I think I'll try another background, perhaps a thick copse of white birch saplings, and see how that goes.