Monday, March 17, 2008


A fan email containing a small bomb:

"Dear Mr. Kisor,

"I just finished reading Season’s Revenge, A Venture Into Murder and Cache of Corpses. I enjoyed all of them. I read a review of Cache of Corpses in the Chicago Tribune a few weeks ago, and having vacationed and skied in the UP, I was intrigued enough to read the first one, then the second and finally the third.

"I did want to mention one point about Cache of Corpses that may be an error. In Chapter 36, when Steve and Eli take the Boston Whaler out, you refer three times to the outboard being an Evinrude and once as it being a Mercury. The company I work for supplies products to Mercury Marine and to BRP, Bombardier Recreational Products. BRP purchased Outboard Marine Corp., OMC, several years ago, and I believe they still own the Evinrude brand of outboards..

""That very minor inconsistency in no way detracts from the story.

"I look forward to book 4, where I hope Steve and Ginny get married and adopt Tommy. Maybe they can go on a road trip to the Peavey Dam on the Michigammee River just outside Crystal Falls for the opening day of walleye season.


"Ray Jablonski

"Darien, IL"

Sheesh. It seems that every week a sharp-eyed reader catches me in a dumb mistake. How an Evinrude turned into a Mercury I'll never know. But I'm grateful the error didn't disappoint Mr. Jablonski.

As for Steve and Ginny getting married, well, take a gander at yesterday's blogpost.

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