Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mapping the caches

Tina Davidson has worked her magic again.

Being a terminally clumsy HTML artist, I have depended on her to get me out of jams with my web site. She has done that, and she has also contributed a great deal of the artistry on the site. (If it looks good, it's her work.)

The latest: A series of blow-up, fine-detail maps attached to the large map of Porcupine County, the imaginary locale in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where my mystery novels are set. In that big map, the locations of the seven corpses cached by the bad guys are given in red. Give it a try.

The cool thing, now, is that when you click on any of those red locations, you'll get a big, fine-detail map showing that spot and its close neighbors, with their geographic coordinates as well. There are three fine-detail maps in all, and there are also large, printable versions.

Geocachers with strong legs might want to use them to see what's actually at each spot. (Disclaimer: The locations are real, but the surroundings fictional.)

Many, many, many thanks to Tina.

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