Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A new look, but the same mission

Having run into a seemingly unsurmountable (for a technophobe like me) database problem on the old Yahoo-based blog called
www.henrykisor.com/blog, I'm trying a temporary fix by putting "The Reluctant Blogger" on Google, a simple and quick tabula rasa solution to the problem.

If I can figure out how to fix things, the Yahoo-based blog will resume. For now, the new link is www.henrykisor.blogspot.com, and you're here.

Of course, this temporary blog is still under construction, but each day you'll see a little more.

A note on the Old Blog Archives at the left: Although all the posts I made will be visible, the reader comments on them are still unreachable.

The website -- www.henrykisor.com -- is still up and running.


  1. The new blog software's not bad-looking, Henry. I could get used to it.

  2. You may have to, Jack. I'm seriously considering moving the blog here permanently. The software's much simpler and easier to use. The ambience of the old one, in my view, was more elegant, but this one is more than acceptable.

  3. I agree with jack e. I like the antique appearance - imparts a sort of timelessness to the content.

  4. Hmm, Hermit. Are you implying that the antique appearance is appropriate because *I* am an antique? Can't argue with that, though.

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