Friday, March 21, 2008

Read the Wall St Journal online FREE

I have been reading the Wall Street Journal only occasionally, because as an impoverished pensioner I don't want to pay for newspapers when I can get them online for free -- but is a pay site.

Today Farhad Manjoo, the tech maven of, tells how Firefox users can download an extension that allows one to read the Journal online for free -- and legally, too.

Amazing. And most convenient.


  1. Henry --

    As the article says, you don't have to you don't have to use Firefox. I'm using Safari, and the method the article mentions of simply going to Google News and putting in the exact headline of the news story you want to read works, too.

    But how do you get the headline? Easy, tho a little clumsy, Go to
    which is the official WSJ site for free editorials and columns online. Then go to the Today's Newpaper pulldown and get to the news section (or whichever section you want). From there you can get to the story headline.

    This makes it sound more complicated than it is. But if a tech lummox like me can do it, it must be easy.

    -- Jan H

  2. PS: The disadvantage of method I used is that you don't get ALL the news articles.

  3. Jan:

    Give Firefox a try. It is not as fast as the latest Safari for Macs, but all those add-on extensions make it the nearest thing to a Leatherman tool for Apple-heads.