Thursday, March 27, 2008

R.I.P. Herb Peterson

I do not ordinarily patronize fast-food restaurants, most especially McDonald's. At my age keeping one's arteries clear and free-flowing is much more important than a quick and tasty bite on the road. In fact, I've begun to think of the patrons of such fat factories with the same busybody dismay with which most of us regard teenagers who take up smoking.

On the other hand (there is always an other hand), the Egg McMuffin rates an occasional stop at a Mickey D's on the 400-mile way north from Chicago to Lake Superior. Unlike a Big Mac or a Whopper, the McMuffin checks in at a not-too-outrageous number of calories (300) that will keep me happy in the minivan all morning. Unlike a Big Mac (560 calories) or a Whopper (660), there is no lingering goat-slobber "sauce" aftertaste. Muffin, egg, cheese, ham, butter -- the perfect breakfast for behind the wheel.

(And McDonald's coffee actually tastes very good. It beats the flavorless crap beloved of convenience-store gas stations. Gotta let it cool some, though.)

My hat is off to the man who invented the Egg McMuffin. Herb Peterson, once a Chicago advertising man, died in Santa Barbara at 89 yesterday, and doubtless he is enjoying eggs Benedict -- the dish that inspired him -- inside the Pearly Gates this morning.


  1. And have you tried ordering your McMuffin through the drive-thru yet? :)

  2. No. A Mickey D's stop on the way to Lake Superior is always a full service pit stop, with a visit to the men's, so I've gotta go in anyway.