Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still no Ice Out

It's April 16, and Ice Out -- the day and hour that ice departs from the Porcupine (sorry, Ontonagon) River in upper Michigan, marking the first real day of spring there, still has not arrived. (See the April 10 blogpost for what Ice Out is all about).

Steve Sundberg reports that the river "is open from just below the railroad bridge all the way to the mouth, but ice-covered above that. The accompanying photo shows what it looked like yesterday afternoon.

"The reports on the Jan Tucker Show say the river is wide open and flowing fast at Military Hill and the Victoria bridge at Rockland. The theory is that there is a huge ice dam somewhere between Rockland and Ontonagon that is holding everything up.

"Either Ice Out will come in a whimper, just slowly melting away to nothing, or come in a crashing, tree-clogged rush of ice and water that will be something to see. Time and temperature will tell."

The official latest Ice Out was marked April 21, 1972. Six more days and we may have a new record.

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