Monday, May 26, 2008

Lugubriosity on the wing

A mourning dove, they say, is nothing more than a pigeon that's been to college. At least they are not terribly skittish, therefore are easier to photograph than most suburban birds. Two pairs of mourners hang around our back yard, sniping and bickering like neighbors painfully aware of each other but who barely speak -- much like the Clinton and Obama campaigns.


  1. Ok - get a bag of chicken feed (wheat) and encourage these doves to keep coming back. They are the birds that bring the others around to your sugared water/rice/banana/apple feeders.

    They'll bring in the native birds.

    I use them myself for the same thing - I have several that come around. Not the brightesst of all birds but they do their job well :)

    Good shot too :)


  2. Enjoyed your blog. The pictures are wonderful Nice job!

  3. How about 'A Loser's Guide To Lugubriosity' as a story title?
    Along the lines of 'Faking Failure', 'Learning To Get Behind Never Getting Ahead', et al.