Thursday, June 12, 2008

My other blog

As if there wasn't enough fiddling to do with this blog, I've created another one -- The Whodunit Photographer.

It's just an ego trip for an amateur photographer with delusions of grandeur. Each day another photo will be posted -- perhaps taken just a few minutes before, perhaps rescued from my archive of backyard-deck and Upper Peninsula of Michigan wildlife shots, perhaps from my roundhouse of railfan photos, perhaps from my hangar of small-plane pictures.

Many will have been seen before on The Reluctant Blogger. I do plan to keep on posting pictures here when there are stories to go along with them.

As always, comments are welcome.


  1. On the photo blog, why don't you post some of the photos you use at your book presentations? You could have a separate catagory for them, tying them into the stories, and they are great pictures of the UP area....

  2. Have added the URL to both my blogs, and to google reader.

    Sing out if you're ever needing a critique - I'm now in training to become a photography judge. Not sure how I'll go but I'll try - starts Monday.


  3. Mike, you've given me an idea -- putting a slide show of the Cache of Corpses book presentation on my website. But I've got to see if I can transform the PowerPoint (actually Apple Keynote) presentation into a form that can be accessed on the Internet.

    Anybody got any ideas how that can be done?