Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Top Ten Web sites

There seems to be nothing gripping to write about today, so I will fall back on that lazy columnist's trick of Making a Top Ten List. Therefore, here are the top ten web sites in my daily surfing:

The New York Times. All the news that's fit to squint, in what is far and away the most attractive, best-designed Web newspaper site.

Huffington Post. The best liberal op-ed blog site. It screeches to the converted, but we lefties need red meat, too. A daily compendium of consumer nightmares, some horrible, some hilarious. Example: During Hurricane Hanna, tried to sell rooms at Hilton Head for $64 each. The 73-mph winds were free.

Cute Overload. A new, insufferably cute animal video or photo every day, just the thing to snap one out of the morning blues. You've got to get used to the editor's mock baby talk, however.

Jim Romenesko. The day's news about the news biz; who's getting canned, who's getting a buyout, who's been a bad boy, whose bottom line is in trouble. The best place to watch the comic-opera collapse of the Chicago Tribune. I'm not thrilled, however, about the site's new page design.

YouTube. Simply because it's addictive.

The official Chicago Cubs site. Need you ask why?

B&H Photo. The photographer's version of the Victoria's Secret catalog. How are my book sales doing today? (Lousy.)

Railforum. Trash talk for trainspotters.

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