Friday, October 3, 2008

News you should know, even if you can't use it

There is no magic this morning for either a Republican or a Cub fan.

But the sun is shining on train lovers.

Bailout pork: A $2 million tax break for makers of wooden arrows for children.

What I really want to know is: How the hell did the bear open the Spam?

The unfriendly skies are getting ever unfriendlier, especially if you're still in diapers.

In the U.S., dogs get these letters, but Germany has more kultur than that.

Penguins are getting lost. Is it climate change?

"We haven't just turned off our bullshit detectors, we've permanently disabled them."

A lap dancer's fertility cycle affects her tip-earning potential.

The most unsurprising -- and most elegant -- Presidential endorsement so far.


  1. Henry - Thou shouldest not protest the easement of the King's Duty on the fletchers and truers of children's arrows. The King's Army requires longbow men and archers of the first rank, a strength and skill best learned at the hem of their mother's skirts . The future of the Kingdom requires it.

    Oh wait a minute, it's not the twelfth century anymore!

  2. We'll need to save a few arrows to expend at the "we few, we merry few, we band of brothers" at the high executive echelons of the failed financial companies.