Friday, November 7, 2008

Post-election resolutions

I'm not going to wait for January 1, for with the election it feels like a new year has already started. Hence here are my resolutions for 2009:

1. Work harder on the new novel instead of dipping into it desultorily.

2. See the grandchildren frequently and regularly.

3. Boost my Macbook's RAM from 1 GB to 2 GB. That way I won't have to buy a new computer in order to go faster, even if I could afford a new one, which I can't, not in this economic climate. Two GB of RAM costs less than $50, shipped.

4. Get off my ass and go out and take more photographs to feed the other blog. The exercise will be good for me.

5. Walk the dog longer each day. It'll be good for him and it'll be good for me.

6. Resume my daily hour-long workouts at the Geezer Club, starting today. (Catching a cold two weeks ago made me backslide.)

7. Fly my airplane at least an hour a week as long as I can afford it, which might not be much longer.

8. Smile and say hello to the sour neighbor up the street every time I pass by. Maybe she'll smile back sometime.

9. Read two books a week instead of just one, exercising that dusty library card.

10. Finish that Windsor armchair kit I bought last summer. It's not that difficult -- it's the careful sanding that's so time-consuming.

11. Take a course in advanced photography or American Sign Language somewhere, just to mix with other people and forestall reclusiveness.

12. Stop blogging about politics, and encourage other bloggers to follow suit.

This seems like a good start. Suggestions? What about you?


  1. My first resolution is to stop reading your blog. Oh, just kidding.

    But I think you are right -- it feels like a new year. Or a new something, and we aren't going to know what it was until it's over.

  2. Stop blogging about politics? That's like telling kids not to play baseball. Politics is the new national sport. Get with it, Hank the Editor.

  3. Hank the Editor? I'd answer to Hank the Writer. Actually, I'd rather be Hank the Plumber -- I don't care how little Obama said plumbers actually make, every time we need a leak fixed it costs big, big time.

    I used to do a lot of my own plumbing but the Lady Friend got tired of paying for repairs to my repairs. (Like Joe the Plumber, I don't have a plumbing license.)

  4. Your #1 (work on the novel) is a must. Your reading public (at least me) is waiting impatiently. What happens next in the UP?

    I may see you at geezer land - my physical therapy is leading in that direction.

    Exercise in general is a good thing. I have been riding my bike and walking as time permits. And I force myself to do so when it doesn't.

    Reading is also good. I am hoping that with the coming of cold weather (1) activites slow down and (2) I will have time to hit the books I have been stacking up.

  5. The trouble with exercising, Mike, is that we have to get off our ass to do it.

    See you at the Geezer Club! Even if it can be dispiriting -- especially when the 80-year-old women bench press more than I can.

  6. Ah, you have seen her too. When I was being oriented I saw the lady on the eliptical; she was making everyone look bad.

    Amen to getting off the ass to do it. I have home exercises that at least don't take me out into the world, and those are hard enough to get motivated to do. There are a couple of things at Geezer Club that will help me specifically. I have a sometime exer-buddy and we have vowed to motivate each other by meeting there.

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