Friday, December 19, 2008

Done at last

The latest blog nameplate seems to work well, at least to me. The lettering stands out well, and the colors match those of the rest of the blog the way my socks used to match my sweaters, in the days before retirement when the Lady Friend was dressing me.

The previous one was okay, but in my opinion didn't jump out quite enough.

All three nameplates I tried today came from my archive of photographs of Lake Superior in all her glory. I knew they'd be good for something someday.


  1. Well done. I thought the geese distracted from the message. I like it now.

  2. Much better! Easier to read, which is the main/only point.

    I'm not sure of the "the," however...
    seems sorta lost. I'd lose it entirely.

    You do realize, however, that all this tinkering is proof that you have too much time on your hands -- or are simply procrastinating. How's the current novel going, hmmmm.

  3. The current novel is going.

    Going slowly, but going.

    These are not parlous times for a writer, you know, not when publishers are declining to take on new manuscripts. This will change and I will be ready when the change comes, but not a moment before.

    You're right about the "the" -- I'll enlarge it six points and bring it down closer to the "Reluctant Blogger." Sometime when I have time. (snicker)

  4. Looks great! Love that photo!