Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blog-of-the-Month Club

Many amusing blogs exist, but few truly addictive ones. A good example of the latter is the unpronounceable xkcd.com, which doesn't stand for anything except the fertile technoanarchic mind of its creator, a physicist named Randall Munroe. His off-the-wall stick-figure cartoons will keep you rapt for hours even though you might not quite understand some (well, in some cases most) of them.

Though I'd never before encountered it (where have I been?), xkcd.com seems to be quite famous. Go thither and have fun. And if you like, you can buy the t-shirt.

A tip of the hat to Pete Selkowe for the heads-up. No pun intended.


  1. ... My first reaction was "oh, great, he's crossed over. Now I can inundate him with all the webcomics I've been following for years."

    Then my second reaction was, "where's the coffee?"

    SO... a bit of historical funnies. Better than Eddie Izzard.


  2. Have mercy, Eric. I'm an old guy and it takes old guys forever to do anything . . .