Thursday, April 9, 2009


It's tough to get close to birds and other wildlife, both in the backyard and out in the boonies, for good photographs. Maybe I've solved that problem with this portable, knock-down hunter's blind, $40 plus tax and shipping from the outdoor outfitter Cabela's. The neighbors (and the Lady Friend, who took this photo) might chortle, but we'll see who laughs last when I finally get photos so large and sharp you can count the whiskers on a nuthatch's chin. My plan is to leave the blind out all day, then as the sun settles into the west creep inside it with the camera and long lens, a glass of wine and the iPod Touch with a Kindle e-book at the ready, and wait for my quarry to flit within range. Life could be worse.


  1. I must say I'm sure it will bring out the comments.

    Too bad we don't know what wild life thinks of these things.

    On a similar vein but sort off base: I wish we could hear the animals talk and get their take on the world.

    I've got to say I know they think the hunters who sit out in a blind and smoke (what ever they smoke) and drink and smell link 'deer camp' are crazy. How do these people even think the animals in the woods don't know they are there? I know you are smarter than all those city people who come up here hunting and think they are fooling the dumb animals in the woods.

    I guess what I'm saying is just b/c you can't been seen doesn't mean they don't know you are there. I know the whole double negative thing is messing with the sentence but it's late (for me at least) and I can't make the words come out correctly. It may be a Yooper thing, it may be I'm tired and really need to sleep. Probably a Yooper thing, we tend to speak a bit differently than most.

  2. The blind DID work yesterday -- a quarrel of sparrows came by, some perching on the birdbath a few feet away, and I took their pictures unseen. But it's the elusive cardinal I'm really after.

    Maybe the animals in the woods are just in denial. Otherwise how come so many hunters get their quarry?