Friday, April 24, 2009

Eastern sky at morning

The Lady Friend took this shot at the Writer's Lair on Lake Superior early yesterday morning while I sprayed the cabin with insecticide, hoping to cut down on the number of flies that plague us every summer. Quite a bit of snow remained in shady areas on the beach even in late April, some of it from an 8-inch storm that blanketed the Ontonagon area Tuesday, raising the season's total snowfall to 307 inches. Click on the photo for a more detailed version.


  1. That really is a beautiful photograph. Thanks for sharing it.
    Pleased to say, though, that on the Norfolk coast it is warm and sunny. Enjoy your summer stay.

  2. That picture is amazing. I'm getting a 10.1 megapixel cam with my next check. I just love to take pictures.

  3. Lovely image - really quite something. Shame you missed it but I guess someone has to do the work :)