Friday, April 17, 2009

Twitterific development

Twitter finally got its act together. Now you can find "HenryKisor" with a search. At least I did. (Haven't changed, either.)

ogetherlikethisandgainingthecharactersrepresentedbyspaces. Humbug.

FOUND ON TWITTER LATER: This may be the shape of the bookstore of the future: Print-on-demand machines. Swipe your Visa and get some words.


  1. Twitter can also be used for EVIL!

    For example, a Milwaukee hospital sent 250 tweats yesterday DURING an operation ... with pictures!

    Would have been more, but Twitter shut them down for being too prolific. I'm sure it wasn't like this, but the image of a surgeon tap-tap-tapping on his Blackberry while hacking off a tibia is too much for me.

    I know you think I'm making this up. Alas. I ain't. Verification word of the day: cologui, which looks like it should mean something in Italian.

  2. Jeez. Was that a knee replacement?

    What a way to advertise a hospital!

  3. Pleasedonteverdothatagain.Gavemeapanicattacktryingtofirgureoutwhatyouweresaying.Bytheway,howhardisitnottoautomaticallyhitspaceaftereachword?I'vehadtobackspaceaftereveryotherword,it'sjustsuchahabit!

  4. Apparently this application doesn't let you string on words. I'm not going to try to finish the comment but must tell you I almost had a panic attack trying to read what you wrote and I had to backspace almost every other word b/c I was hitting the space bar w/o even realizing it.

  5. Ginger: Yeah, I had to insert a carriage return to break the two lines so the one wouldn't run off into the ether.