Monday, April 6, 2009

What's this bird?

Yesterday I took a quick backyard portrait of a bird I didn't recognize. It's bigger than a sparrow and slightly smaller than a robin, with a dark gray back and head and white belly and underbutt. My bird book suggests that it's a Slate-colored Junco, whose range does embrace the Midwest, but I can't tell for sure. Can any birders out there confirm my guess? Click on the photo for a larger version.


  1. It is a junco, all right. The pinkish beak is a giveaway for most variations of dark-eyed junco. (Slate-colored is a variant of dark-eyed.)

  2. 2nd the junco. but where's his junco partner?

  3. Kate, thanks, and also Eric. But what do you mean, junco partner? Do they go in pairs, like Bonnie and Clyde? Or is that a pun of some kind I am too dense to get?