Thursday, May 21, 2009

We never sleep

Sorry for being slow to put up new blogposts, but I've been spending more time working on Hang Fire than expected -- getting back into the groove of disciplined writing every day was easier than it seemed at first. It's like going back a couple of years ago when this blog began as something to do when the words just wouldn't come for the mystery novels.

The afternoons, however, are perfect for wildlife photography, as you can see from the other blog. And the motion-detecting Bushnell game camera, pointed at the bird feeder pole outdoors, works into the wee hours keeping us informed about backyard marauders. Last night two raccoons raided the place and we took their pictures to hand over to the sheriff. Of course it'd be hard to pick out a particular raccoon in a police lineup, but the effort must be made if law and order is to survive in this wilderness country.


  1. Glad that "Hang Fire" is hung / up / out to dry / or whatever cliche fits. Looking forward to its completion, and hopefully, publication.

    Neat photos. How does one hand / paw cuff a raccoon when arrested? I am sure Sheriff Martinez has an answer.

    Next pass through I bring the photo toys and ask for an introduction to the young lady at the rehab center....

  2. Steve informs me that the raccoon is ordered to fall to the ground and lie flat on its stomach -- "you know the drill," one tells it -- and one officer holds its head and the other has his knee in its back as he applies the flexcuffs. Then after being read its Miranda rights it is frogmarched to the cruiser for the ride to jail.

    Or something like that.

  3. Tsk. Such a view of policing. Best you fact check before putting that in the book. BTW next time you are down south I can set up a ride-along (handcuffs optional) for you with the local constabulary. What the quote "...hours of boredom puntuated by minutes of terror..." or something like that.

  4. Isn't that the way the cops do it in L.A.? Maybe with the encouragement of a nightstick or two?

  5. Too much cop TV Henry....

  6. Starring Rodney King!