Friday, May 15, 2009

The Writer's Lair

Yesterday we arrived at our cabin on Lake Superior (above) and immediately set to work sprucing up the place after building a warming blaze in the fireplace -- the temperature had greeted us at 44 degrees on a gray, windy, blustery day. Last night the mercury fell to 31 degrees but this morning climbed back into the balmy 60s on a bright, cloudless day.

Monday I'll start my new disciplinary regimen, spending at least one hour each day working on Hang Fire, the novel-in-progress.

Life could be worse. A lot worse.


  1. Oh, Henry, you live in my dream home!!

  2. I am envious. Hope to see you on the beach this summer!

  3. (Sunday morning.) The temperature fell to 30 degrees last night. Looks like we'll have to call our woodman for another cord or two of the finest hickory and oak.

    Yesterday the wind and waves were so high that the mama and papa Canada goose and their four goslings up the beach walked across our front yard to get to the cabin down the lake rather than swimming 200 yards out. And the camera was out of reach. . .

  4. The lair is beautiful. I imagine that's a wonderful place to write!

  5. Oh, it is a wonderful place to write. It's also full of distractions. Is that a bald eagle circling high above the cabin, or a vulture. Fortunately I've been getting in that hour of writing before dawn.