Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goodbye for now, Facebook and Twitter

Yesterday I decided to suspend my accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

It wasn't because I felt unloved or because I became irritated by too many "I'm going out to eat now at X restaurant" posts or nonplused by too many arcane references to popular music (those fall flat on my deaf ears) or bored by big hellos to people I don't know or wearied by announcements of publishings or autographings by authors even more obscure than me.

It was because both services are an enormous time sink and because as a writer I am utterly undisciplined. That is a fatal combination.

You know how it is. You sit down at the computer at 5 a.m. intending to work on your latest manuscript, but first you'll see if somebody posted something interesting on Facebook or Twitter. Before you know it it's 7 a.m. and time for breakfast, after which you'll go work out at the fitness center and when you get home at 10 there's work to be done on the cabin and and and . . .

But I will be back, as soon as Hang Fire is finished.


  1. Based on this blog entry (and the one prior) I'd say, Sir, that you have indeed seen the light.

  2. thank jesus i do NOT know what it's like to "sit down at 5 am."

  3. So long, Friend. I'm still with you here!

  4. Welcome back from the dark side. I am aware of the addictive nature or computers as time wasters - even the simple email, message boards etc. I can only imagine what happens when you are mainlining these always on sites.

  5. I rather enjoyed Facebook and Twitter, the former more than the latter. (Too many Twitterers post the most banal tweets; few of them seem to have learned the grace of the unexpressed thought.)

    Eric, my friend, why do you think I have more worms than even Walt of Walt's Crawlers?