Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunset No. 3

It may still be frightfully cold and windy up here on the southern shore of Lake Superior, but the quality of the sunsets is definitely improving, if last night's shot is any indication. Take a very, very close look at the speck above and slightly to the left of the sun: That's a bald eagle. (You can see it a bit better if you click on the photo for the larger version. Or just imagine it's there. Works for me.) And only a wide-angle zoom lens was on the camera.


  1. I never took much stock in other peoples pictures until I started looking at your pics. I just sit and marvel at you pics. I just love them. I just love the way you show the true beauty of the western U.P.

  2. Love the Bald Eagle. Can you get closer?

    Do you do any HDR on your sunsets?


  3. Jeremy: Thanks. The western U.P. is a magnificent place -- it makes the clumsiest amateur photographer, like me, look good.

    Robyn: I'll try! I always seem to have the wrong lens on my camera.

    I haven't yet done HDR on the sunsets, but that's a good idea -- next time we have a good one, I'll put the camera on a tripod and rattle off five quick shots at differing exposures.

  4. Wow, a bald eagle. That is something I'd love to say I had taken a photo of.