Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tommy's chum

"Before I could add a weary shrug a tall and skinny fourteen-year-old lad tumbled down the stairs with all the finesse of a runaway beer barrel, a big yellow Lab mix on his heels, claws drumming the oaken treads. Tommy Standing Bear, an Ojibwa from the reservation at Baraga, was Ginny’s foster son of three years and Hogan his dog."

That's a snippet from Hang Fire, the novel in progress, and Hogan is a ten-year-old of such singular character I was compelled to write him into both A Venture into Murder and Cache of Corpses.

Here he is, just because I felt you should know the distinguished gentledog.


  1. All Labs are handsome boys. Except, of course, for the females, which are beautiful girls.