Monday, January 11, 2010

Why didn't we think of this before?

"Europe Slapping Rich with Massive Traffic Fines".

What a wonderful idea! If we in Illinois linked the relative pain of a speeding fine to the miscreant's net worth, we could plug that scheme into half the Republicans in Lake County, arrogant scofflaws with hot BMWs and Jags who habitually do 80 and 90 on Interstate 94.

Before you knew it, we'd have enough in the state coffers to adequately fund our struggling inner-city schools.


  1. Huh? Democrats don't speed? You're bigoted, Henry.

  2. Not at all, just pragmatic. The Republicans are the ones with the money.

  3. There was an item on the BBC last night about Arizona where it was stated that something like 75% of people who got caught with speeding fines didn't pay them and after three months they were cancelled!!

  4. If that's true, the State of Arizona is missing a sure bet -- punitive speeding fines are a splendid way for struggling governments to keep their financial heads above water.