Thursday, May 13, 2010

In flagrante delicto

Steve Martinez's cabin has been terrorized these past few nights by a large creature that trashed the bird feeders and bent the cast iron shepherd's hooks into bows. Last year the culprit was a large doe that eventually learned to dip the feeders gently and tongue the seed out of them. But this time the feeders were broken into pieces and scattered about the yard.

The game camera is a cheap one with a wimpy electronic flash, and the target was dark as night, but it's clear that that's a good-sized black bear (the squirrel baffle is about 4 feet off the ground). Click on the photo for a slightly better view.

And so Sheriff Martinez has issued a countywide BOLO for a bear about yea high, dressed as a ninja and with birdseed on its shirt front.

And he'll bring the feeders indoors for the next couple of weeks, or until the perp is apprehended.


  1. Very nice bear! Adding insult to injury, it appears as if it's pushing the feeder over with its butt - butt probably just exiting the scene. Beware of cubs and Hogan's instincts.

  2. Yes. Hogan's instinct will be to charge the bear, and he will come off second best.

  3. How do we know that isn't a guy in a bear suit?

  4. FRIDAY: The bear returned last night -- with at least one cub. The game camera captured a very poor shot (the lens was smeared with raindrops) of a cub sniffing the wreckage of the bird feeder, which we left empty on the ground just in case the miscreants came back.