Sunday, May 9, 2010

The snows of May

Friday morning at Eagle River. Good thing I brought along a snow brush just in case.

The drive up yesterday to the log cabin on the shore of Lake Superior in upper Michigan where I spend my summers with Sheriff Steve Martinez was not without its moments.

The day before, a rare May snowstorm blew in from the northwest and made driving difficult. By the overnight stop in Eagle River, Wisconsin, the ground had turned white, and four inches of heavy white slop fell before morning. The snow resumed shortly after departure from Eagle River, but right at the Michigan state line the clouds lifted and the driving once again turned pleasant.

The cabin itself looked just fine. It had survived its 62nd harsh winter without damage. By nightfall the log blaze in the fireplace had warmed the great room to 70 degrees, and this morning as the sun rose in a cloudless sky to a bone-chilling 23 degrees, the temperature in the cabin had fallen to just 55 degrees.

Soon it'll be time to resume work on Hang Fire.

The view north on U.S. 45 between Eagle River and Conover, Wisconsin.

No snow at all at Sheriff Steve Martinez' cabin on the shore of Lake Superior.

Hogan surveys his domain in front of the cabin (visible through the trees).

The first Lake Superior sunset photograph of 2010. There will be many more.