Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gull at dinner

I admire gulls of all kinds, as I have said before on this blog and will say again and again. As an erstwhile small-plane pilot I love to watch them swing and soar, wheel and plummet, executing maneuvers only dreamed about at Top Gun. They are beautiful birds, too, with aerodynamic lines second to none.

Yesterday evening on the shore of western Lake Superior the water was calm and the air absolutely windless, enticing flocks of dragonflies out from the beach. The gulls went into a frenzy of feeding, swooping and rolling, flicking into split-S turns, sending me into a paroxysm of shooting with my Pentax and a long zoom lens.

One of the shots turned out to capture a gull in mid-snatch, slamming to a halt in the air as it deployed its speed brake and dropped its landing gear. Click on it for a better look at the dragonfly it nailed.


  1. I'll bet those were May flies the gulls were feeding on. There's been an early hatch of them this year on the Great Lakes.

  2. BRAVO !! That's a one-in-a-bazillion shot.. it's a great feeling to be in the right place at the right time with the right gear...

  3. That's a wonderful shot :) The only thing gulls feed on here that you can photograph are chips or fries, and you have to take them down to them yourself :)