Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now 'Venture' is live as an e-book

Today the second novel in my Porcupine County mystery series, A Venture into Murder, went online in both Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook editions. The price: $2.99.

Along with the third, Cache of Corpses, Venture is also awaiting distribution by Smashwords, the online publisher that sends e-books out to a variety of vendors, including Apple's iBooks and Sony's eReader.

It has required a lot of sweaty labor at the keyboard, but this endeavor has taught me that the electronic manuscripts of my books were nowhere as pristinely formatted as I had thought they were.

Now to wait for the revenue stream--er, trickle--to begin.

Meanwhile, we (my sainted volunteer proofreaders and I) are working on the first in the series, Season's Revenge. Stay tuned.

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