Wednesday, February 15, 2012

As promised, a rail report

The 19th century Baltimore & Ohio roundhouse at Martinsburg, W. Va..
For train lovers, the report on our journey from Chicago to Washington, D.C. is now on my rail travel blog at

By the way, the GPS atop my camera as described in a January blogpost does work aboard a moving train. When a photo is examined in Lightroom, I simply click a button and Google Maps shows me exactly where the picture was taken. Life doesn't get better than that.


  1. Just one of your fans checking in again! I always enjoy almost all of your writings, and look forward to your updated book about the Zephyr,having ridden it November 2004. I went to Arlington, VA last June to the Hearing Loss Assn. of America's national convention - easy trip on Amtrak's "Crescent" from Birmingham to Washington. The HLAA convention THIS June will be in Providence, RI. By making my reservation in December, I snagged a roomette both ways! Last June, my riding the Metro (DC's subway) was a first for me (I'm high partial legally blind, as well as wear hearing aids). This June, I'll get to ride the Crescent all the way to NYC, where I'll change to Amtrak's Northeast Regional - never been to Penn Station nor to Providence.

  2. Only "almost all of your writings"? Where have I failed you?

    Yup, booking early gets the sleeping-car worm.

    Haven't been on the Crescent yet. It's high on the bucket list.

    1. (Laughing!) I'm a Christian (I worship with the church of Christ) and am very conservative politically. But I read it all because I want to be informed in/on/with/about the gamut of politics. I have sufficient usable sight to use a regular ballot, but my voting place is off the beaten path and I can't get there by city bus, so I vote by absentee ballot.

      As to the Crescent, you're not missing much! You probably know that it's only a single level. There's a tunnel in the Pell City area (just NE of Birmingham) which I suspect is a tight fit even for such a train!

      I also have a couple of train stories. I know that some time ago, I sent you the poem I wrote about the Zephyr.

      I wish I got paid to write. Almost every letter I've ever submitted to an op/ed page has been printed. One editor asked me to write an article about our transit system (which I did, though of course was not paid). And last Friday I was interviewed over the phone (and by email), and a photographer was at my house yesterday. There should be an article in the paper's heath section this Thursday.