Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First copies from the warehouse

The highest point in any author's life is beholding the first finished hardcovers of his latest book. Yesterday two boxes of Hang Fire arrived from the warehouse, well in advance of the April 19 publication date (and the May 10 online on-sale date). Yay!

But the joy is short-lived, because it also brings the realization that soon the truly hard work will begin: Getting out and promoting the book in venue after venue.

Sometime in late April I'll be premiering the dog and pony show at an Evanston location, then in May in Forest Park, Illinois.  Stay tuned for details.


  1. Yes, I couldn't agree more about the thrill of opening that box and ...
    Oh ... wait ... you said "HARDcover", didn't you? Dang!

  2. Hi Henry,
    I just pre-ordered mine from Amazon and I requested that our local library (in Baltimore) order a copy and I see they've already got it as "on order" in their catalog. Can't wait to read it!