Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cover shot

Today I visited Bonanza Falls on the Iron River near Silver City in Ontonagon County, Michigan, the prototype for my mystery novels' Porcupine County. A photographer and her model were at work at the base of the falls, and here they are.

The left half of the photograph would make a fetching cover shot for the jacket of a whodunit, wouldn't it? Just put the title above the model and the author's name below, and that's all one needs.

In fact, had the model been wearing early19th century pioneer dress, she'd have been perfect for the jacket of Hang Fire, my latest novel.

Click on the photo for a larger and more detailed version.

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  1. Just encountered your blog as I was doing a web search for info on thimbleberries (we spotted what we thought were thimbleberries in the northern tier region of PA recently and I wanted to see if they actually do grow there).

    Anyway, love your blog! I am well familiar with the area where your cabin is located - have been to that region many times and have hiked nearly all of the Porcupine Mountains. Haven't been up there in a few years though. And of course, you are an excellent writer as well.