Friday, December 18, 2015

Stars in my eyes

A "starred review" in Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, or Booklist means the magazine thinks the book under review is exceptional. In my career I'd collected only one such review, a Kirkus star for my 1990 memoir What's That Pig Outdoors?

No. 2 just arrived in the latest Booklist, the review organ of the American Library Association, for my new mystery, Tracking the Beast.

It concluded: "The fifth [Steve] Martinez mystery is a mesmerizing mix of high-tech procedural and small-town cozy. The plot is ingenious, the dialogue realistic, and Kisor’s characters could never be mistaken for types from central casting. Mix in the economically depressed but beautiful UP, and the unusual premise, and you have an almost perfect mystery."

The whole thing is here.

Made my day, it did.

By the way, Five Star has moved the publication date for Beast back to March 16, 2016.

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  1. Not until MARCH?! So I've been holding my breath for two days for nothing! Sure hope they have a good excuse.
    I am really enjoying the Trooper Chronicles. Very glad that you have found each other.