Sunday, January 17, 2016

Piddling matters

More puzzling dog behavior:

Why, at the first likely light post or tree Trooper encounters, does he empty his tank in long and leisurely fashion, then, at the next dozen or so targets, give them an air kiss with a quick but squirtless leg lift?

Is he issuing a challenge to other dogs that might be watching, like an on-deck batter taking a vicious swing, hoping to intimidate the pitcher?

Or is this just a virtual mark of his territory, made only to check a virtual box in his head?

I need answers, but doubt I’ll get them.

1 comment:

  1. Trooper is reading and replying to the local pee-mail, as did the dogs that have been at those spots before him and as will those that come after. He may actually have a few drops in reserve, or have manufactured a bit more by the end of your walk. I have dachshunds, and have seen some of the boys literally topple over in an effort to pee higher up the tree than the dog that preceded them. Males are also genetically wired to comment on at least some of the messages left by passing females, too.

    I am really enjoying reading about Trooper's progress, and yours. And still holding my breath for March 16.