Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trooper and The Dognald

Today Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump, but Trooper put the bite on The Dognald.

This clever doggie chew toy comes from a place called Barkshop.com and costs $16 plus shipping. It does not have a squeaker, as do most stuffed toys. It has a grunter. Debby says the sound is decidedly unpleasant.

Ten minutes after we gave him to Trooper, The Dognald was in shreds. Perhaps he hasn't the legs the polls say he does.

Being a retired journalist, therefore objective and even-handed as well as unbiased and fair-minded, I am obliged to point out for my right-wing wacko friends and relatives that Barkshop also sells a Hillary Kitty doll complete with pantsuit and embroidered cell phone. (This one has a squeaker.)

No Cruz or Bernie yet, however, but if either of them gets his party’s nomination, you can be sure Barkshop will rise to the occasion.

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  1. Henry! What would it take to teach Trooper to go after the real Donald Trump. Special training, I presume, but not a problem! I'll be happy to contribute to that.