Sunday, January 31, 2016

Trooper and the TV

What do dogs think when they watch television?

I am sure dog shrinks can come up with an answer or two, but if Trooper and I can’t exchange reasoned critiques of the shows, what does it matter?

Yesterday Troop devoted several minutes of his valuable attention to the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge, perhaps partly because that’s the brand of his dog food (this is in no way an endorsement).

He seemed particularly fascinated by the stunt in which a dog takes a flying leap into a swimming pool while trying to grab a target held tantalizingly above the water. One dog, a powerful hound of some kind, set a new world record with a 24-foot jump.

Maybe Trooper, being a highly trained hearing assistance dog, took a professional interest in the goings-on.

I do know that the PetSmart outlet in Evanston beams Animal Planet to little TVs by the upscale boarding enclosures. Whether or not that actually helps a dog pass the time in jail I don’t know. I guess it can’t hurt.

In any case, five minutes later and well before the end of the Incredible Dog Challenge, Trooper was fast asleep in front of the box.

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