Thursday, January 21, 2016

Trooper at play and at work

Wednesdays are always busy days for Trooper. In the afternoons we go down to Conan's house in Chicago's Edison Park to watch the grandchildren after school, and Troop gets to visit with Cousin Ginny, Conan's vizsla/Plott hound mix.

They tear around the back yard in mad abandon, Trooper mostly in the lead but Ginny occasionally catching up with her superior speed.

After supper it's off to Unleashed in Evanston and Trooper's Beginning Obedience class. There we work on several tasks, including "Puppy Push-ups," in which he sits and downs and sits in unison with my hand, concealing a treat.

We wind up with a task in which I say "Come!" and stick my arm out like a semaphore signal to tell Trooper I want him to approach me.

Is it any wonder that Trooper immediately crashes in his bed when we get home?

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