Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Grace note

I was reading Buckular Dystrophy, the newest novel by Joe Heywood, my fellow Yooper mystery novelist, when I came across a passage in which his hero, conservation officer Grady Service, enters the real-life Snowbound Books in Marquette, Michigan, and . . .

“Service noticed they were in front of a line of books by Henry Kisor. The author’s main character was a U.P. lawman named Martinez, an Indian raised by whites and forever seeing the world from different and sometimes conflicting perspectives. Service admired the character, envied his ability to see sides so clearly.”

Well, thank you, Joe!

By the way, Joe is a character in my new novel Tracking the Beast, but I disguised him as a veteran true-crime author named Jack Haygood. His fans will recognize that.

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