Wednesday, June 22, 2016

For a service dog, the smallest room on a ship . . .

A 2013 photo of a service dog relief station aboard Holland-America's Westerdam.
. . . is the little wooden enclosure, filled with turf or mulch of some kind, provided on an outside deck for his plumbing comfort.

After Googling the subject, I see that most dogs will not take to such a facility right away and will need to be trained in its use.

And so this weekend, after we return to our summer cabin, I will go to the lumber yard for a couple of 1x8s and the garden store for a bag of mulch or wood chips, and construct a 4 foot by 4 foot (the size used on Holland-America cruise ships and most others) comfort station.

Trooper's training in its use will begin forthwith.

Only four months remain before we stand out to sea from Fort Lauderdale for the Caribbean aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam. I booked the trip today.

Going, we'll take the train (the Capitol Limited to Washington, then the Silver Meteor to Fort Lauderdale. Returning to Chicago, we'll fly. I'm seriously thinking about springing for a first-class seat on American so that Trooper will have room to lie down rather than ride all the way in my lap.

Sixteen pounds of restless terrier on one's legs for two and a half hours? No thanks.

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