Saturday, June 7, 2008

Georgia or Trebuchet?

Since March 1 the headlines and text of this blog have appeared in the Georgia serifed font, but now I'm trying Trebuchet, a sans-serif font, to see if readers will find it more legible. Trebuchet does seem to be airier between the lines.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Thanks.


  1. I can read either. I don't really notice things like fonts, and spaces between the lines. I'm more engrossed with what the writer has to say than what he is saying it with :)


  2. I generally prefer sans-serif fonts. It currently looks nice but when you changed, it appears to be an all or nothing. I scrolled back to look for the previous style for comparison. I had no trouble with the old way, but now that you mention it, is appears cleaner.

    Mike P

  3. Bring back Georgia! Serifed fonts are ever so much more elegant.

  4. You're not in financial trouble, are you, Henry? You're not experimenting with typography like a failing newspaper flailing about with new redesigns in futile attempts to stave off the inevitable?

  5. Go back to Georgia, or use Times Roman. Books aren't printed in sans serif fonts.