Friday, June 6, 2008

Read this blog in Finnish. Or hrvatsky or ceski.

An Israeli reader of this blog e-mailed me today to tell me that the notice of Cache of Corpses on the Hebrew website discussed here yesterday isn't a critical review but a simple description of the book. Probably it's just a translation of the publisher's promotional copy. (But two stars? Where did that come from?)

Speaking of translations, Google has a Babelfish-like program that translates text between languages.

Or, rather, attempts to -- even the most sophisticated computer program will choke on syntactical and stylish tricks, and when there's no equivalent word in the second language, the translation engine will make a wild guess or just repeat the word used in the first. For instance, the German schadenfreude is translated into English as "damage". Phooey.

Meantime, you can read this blog in Finnish or French or German or Spanish by clicking on the "Google Translator" box at the bottom of the left rail on this page and selecting a language.

It's fun. But likely not terribly accurate.

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