Sunday, August 3, 2008

Finally . . .

. . . a Great Blue Heron held still long enough for me to get this early-morning shot of a fine specimen on the neighbor's crib.

These birds are fairly common in Upper Michigan, but not so common that we see one every day, and when that happens, we're usually without a camera, or beyond effective range of even a 400-millimeter lens. My goal now is to capture one in flight, its ungainly neck held in a S-shape, its huge wings slowly beating the air.

I'm concerned about that stick of driftwood behind the heron. The Lady Friends say it adds something to the photo, but I think it's distracting and should be removed by Photoshopping. What do YOU think? Leave a comment and let us know.

Monday, August 4: Tina, our house guest at the Writer's Lair and no mean Photoshopper herself, de-sticked that heron photo. In my opinion, it's a considerable improvement.


  1. I'd lose the driftwood. It indeed distracts.

  2. Count me in with the others -- the driftwood should go.

  3. Much better. I am glad the branch in front of the bird as well as the large limb were removed. Looking good!

  4. The desticking worked. How are you enjoying photoshop?


  5. I'm having a great time with Photoshop putting the heads of people I'm mad at on naked bodies of other people who are really, really, really out of shape.

    Think George Bush and Jabba the Hutt.

  6. Lady Friends? I didn't picture you as a swinger. Maybe that's why you're in bed at 9:00!

  7. "Lady Friends" is an in-joke the genesis of which is too complicated to go into here.

    Besides, I'm too old to be a swinger.