Monday, August 4, 2008


The big excitement at the Writer's Lair yesterday was the discovery of a gypsy moth caterpillar crawling across our lakeside picture window. Out came the camera with a macro lens and out limped the geezer with the camera to capture the thing. From outside (above), the caterpillar looked like an elongated Shih Tzu. From inside (below) it looked like an extra from "Men in Black."

While all this was going on, Tina, our cabin guest, captured the captor at work:

Up here we are so easily amused.


  1. I'm always easily amused then :)

  2. This is not a good thing. These guys eat trees (esp oaks) and also crap a lot below said trees. We've sprayed and treated to be rid of them. One is kinda funny looking; one thousand not so much.


  3. Yes, the gypsy moth is a pest, denuding entire forests. Michigan is having some success at stopping it, using a pheromone that confuses male moths and causes them to mate with anything within reach. Also, the harsh climate of the U.P. seems to help in controlling the spread of the bug.