Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Over the top

Click photo for larger version if you can handle the bandwidth

There's a fellow in neighboring Wilmette who for many years has gone all out, balls to the wall, flank speed ahead with the front-yard Christmas decorations, and this year neither the economic crisis nor the green movement has dimmed his glory.

If you think this is spectacular, you should see his place on Halloween. When he flicks the switch to turn it on, the lights for blocks around flicker and gutter, and another reactor goes online at the Zion nuclear plant.

It's heartening that someone is brave and flush enough to forge on with his gaudy enthusiasms while the rest of the impoverished world extinguishes its unneeded lamps, although one might wish he would think about the carbon footprint he leaves.

[Dec. 18: The following YouTube video suggests that that guy in Wilmette has some serious competition. Watch it all the way to the end for the grand finale.]


  1. How much would it cost to run in electricity for somethig like that?

    Tis nice tho :)


  2. I'm glad I'm not his neighbor -- trying to get to sleep with all that candlepower flooding the bedroom would be like trying to nap at high noon.