Friday, December 19, 2008

Tinkering again

A winter storm bearing wind-driven snow and slashing sleet swept through the Chicago area last night and thoroughly gummed up the public works, meaning I can't go anywhere today without risk to life and limb. So I'm wasting hours at the computer fooling around with experimental nameplates for this blog.

The one above looks good to me, except perhaps the lettering doesn't quite stand out boldly enough, so more tinkering may be needed. It could take all day, but I've got all day.

The photo, by the way, was taken in 2007. I was woolgathering quietly, camera in my lap, in a deck chair on the beach in front of our cabin on Lake Superior when a kayaker rounded the point a hundred yards to the east and spooked the geese into full scramble. I lifted the camera to my eye at just the right moment. Blind luck.


  1. Looks good, but you have a thing for Canada geese, don't you?

  2. Well no, they are horrible pests, but their very abundance makes them good fodder for the wildlife photographer.

  3. It's nice, but the lettering just is not bold enough. Maybe a darker picture, perhaps one with browns and oranges to match the general layout of the blog, would be better?

  4. I can't see the geese!


  5. Click on "like the first one" in the "Still Tinkering" blogpost. That's what comes of three blogposts in one day, all referring to the nameplate . . .