Friday, January 23, 2009

Green is back on the map

Last September 18 this blog told how a bump in the road on the southern shore of Lake Superior was coming up in the world: little unincorporated Green, pop. 350 or so, was being restored to its former glory on the official state road map of Michigan.

This is important because Steve Martinez, whom you might know as the sheriff of Porcupine County in my mystery novels, lives in Green. The Lady Friend and I summer in a cabin on the lake shore there, and we often invite Steve and his squeeze, Ginny, over for drinks, munchies, cop talk and salacious gossip about county officials.

Yesterday the Green Hermit, a native of the place and a habitue of this blog, e-mailed the graphic results of his thumpingly successful campaign to elevate Green to its rightful place -- a small corner of the official 2009 Michigan Highway Map, fresh off the press:

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