Monday, January 26, 2009

Important news you just cannot afford to miss

Insults to keep our minds off Great Depression II.

Knit tits for tots.

Oh, you mean that kind of thong. Damn. (Be sure to watch the video.)

What wine goes best with Cool Ranch Doritos? Sutton Cellars' Rattlesnake Rose.

Oh, no! Just when we wanted to practice water landings in the Hudson.


  1. I never knew they called them thongs in Oz - here, in Britain we call them lilos. And, in the USA what?

  2. Most common name I've heard in the US for the footwear is "flip-flops."

  3. Sorry, Henry, the thongs are the floats aren't they? Those are what we call lilos.

    The footwear are what we call flip-flops in Britain too.

  4. I have no idea what Yanks call what the Aussies know as inflatable thongs and what Brits know as lilos. Never seen one in the US.

    Maybe one has to travel to Oz for that.