Sunday, April 26, 2009

The depths of tastelessness

Being an unusually ill-informed fellow, even for a retired journo, I have only just now learned that the Chia Pet people have been marketing a "Chia Obama" bust for the last couple of months.

This has to be the tackiest case of commercial exploitation of the president yet conceived. There's nothing illegal about it, of course, but it does have racial overtones with its hardly veiled emphasis on kinky African-American hair. (Would the Chia hucksters have brought out a George Bush or Bill Clinton bust?)

You can be sure that anyone who buys this thing for his home has to be either a diehard wingnut or the kind of yahoo who would hang chintz in the windows of a Frank Lloyd Wright house.


In feeble protest I'm not providing a link to the Chia site.


  1. Ditto to everything you just said. Yuck!

  2. Walgreens and a number of other stores took the Chia Obama off their shelves, but is still pushing it.

  3. Personally I think they are funny. I don't like what Obama is doing to my country. He's a joke. I'm a 9-12er and tea party participant.


  4. These objects are so symbolic of what our country has become, a land divided into those who respect and those who hate.