Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Off to the North Woods

Sorry, no naked pictures of Britney and Lindsay today. You'll just have to wait.

This morning I'm driving the van, loaded with tools, blankets and books, up to Porcupine County in remotest Upper Michigan 400 miles from home. There I'll unload the supplies at Sheriff Steve Martinez's cabin, a k a the Writer's Lair, and afterward help the sheriff fumigate the place with insecticide against the clouds of flies and armies of creepy-crawlies that appear every summer.

Not that it will do much good, but it just might help. It's not easy to write when flies constantly buzz around your head.

Back Friday. Be good and don't post rude comments, and if you must, keep them witty.


  1. Henry,

    Count me as one of those 50 to 55 silent visitors who read your blog regularly. Your comments are consistently illuminating. Thanks [from this copy editor at a major consumer magazine] and keep it up!

  2. Henry - hate to mention it, but wasn't there a large amount of new snow added to the collection in the UP recently? Maybe a little early for spring cleaning!!

  3. Welcome home Henry. Yes areas got pounded with snow. Just ten miles from Porcupine City, Rockland received 24 inches of the wet heavy stuff while Porcupine City only got about 4 inches of snow but about 1.5 inches of rain to go with it. The big lake really saved us.

    I can't wait until you're up here for the summer. I'd really like my books signed and copies of those 2 new books you found in the attic.

    Maybe I'll see you at Pat's or the library with Eric.


  4. Actually most of the snow had melted by the time we arrived and we had no trouble getting into the cabin. A few snowdrifts remained in the shadier parts of the woods and on the beach, but the road in was clear.

    Our only difficulty was the disagreement with Ms. Wild Turkey as described in the April 23 blogpost.

    Jeremy, we'll do something about a meeting in the library!