Saturday, September 12, 2009

Midsummer sunset on Lake Superior

I was noodling through the camera bodies this morning hunting for overlooked treasures when I came upon this shot taken on my first digital SLR, a five-year-old Pentax *ist DS equipped with the inexpensive kit lens that usually comes with new cameras. On the brooding evening of July 30 while I was out of town, Tina Davidson, our chum, had picked up the camera and captured the image. Goes to show that a mere kit lens and an even merer 6-megapixel sensor can result in a stunning photograph. Thanks, Tina! (Click photo for large version.)


  1. This is truly a wonderful photograph and now resides as wallpaper on my laptop. Many thanks for sharing it. Hope you're feeling better each day, Henry.

  2. I never tire, of looking and taking photos of the great Gitchee-Gumi. Looking forward to when I can return to Silver City. Sadly, not until next year. Thanks for sharing.